Conditional Online Forms


Application forms, ugh, who really likes having to fillout forms, either on paper or, in this case, online.

If business requires clients (ie anyone that interacts with your business or organisation), to complete a form, then why not make that experience as less painful as possible, right?
A properly thought out and designed ‘conditional form’ can take some of the tedium out of completing an online form.
One case in point is the recent requirement of a client, where a number of application forms contained several fields (form questions) that were only applicable to a certain age group. With the requirement to enter a date of birth, it was then an easy process to calculate the age of the applicant, and only present (show on the form) those fields related to their age. If you didn’t fall in a particular age group, you simply didn’t get to see those fields. This made the forms a lot more logical and streamlined.

If your website still has a basic form, containing fields that don’t relate to every applicant completing your form(s), then lets have a chat and work on a better solution for your website clients.